Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons (P & S)
Pictures (Second-Year)

Here are pictures from my room in the on-campus apartment I moved into (by the grace of God, my group got the #1 pick in the housing lottery)

These are the views from my room overlooking the city at night

This is Linda Huang, D.D.S. and soon to be M.D. (Oral Surgery). She has been a godsend to me during 2nd year of medical school as a true friend and a true lover of Jesus Christ. She has meant so much to me as a friend and a sister in the Lord, and I thank the Lord so much for sending her into my life. I would not be where I am without her.

Here is a picture of Linda and her husband, Dr. Wen-Wei Tchou. I am so happy for the two of them!

Here I am with two of my classmates, Matt Watson and Ivonne Ramirez, at the 2002 BALSO (Black and Latino Students Organization) Jazz Mixer. (Picture courtesy of Mike Rasiej)

Here is a group photo of CCF (Columbia Christian Fellowship) from February 2002. (Picture courtesy of Ada Yung)

Pictures of me at our CCF group bowling outing (the bottom 2 pictures are my imitation of Balki Bartokomous's "Knock-Knock Roller Rock" bowling stance from an old episode of Perfect Strangers). (Pictures courtesy of Dr. Ed Gong)

Here is a picture of our blocking group for the 3rd-year rotation schedule lottery, taken right after we have chosen our rotation schedule (April 2002). L to R: Christina Go, Karen Tang, Dr. Tom Wilson, Dr. Linda Huang, and Me. (Picture courtesy of Clare Rooney)

During my 2nd year of med school, I joined the Ultrasounds -- the P&S male a-capella singing group. These are pictures from our performances throughout the year. (Pictures courtesy of Ada Yung and Dr. Svanur Sigurbjornsson.)

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