Personal Pictures

These are pictures of my best friend and accountability partner, Dr. John Y. Chen, M.D., during his ophthalmology residency graduation from Tufts University in June 2010.

This is Dr. Linda Thornton (Aunt Linda), the youngest of my mom's sisters. She has always been a very positive influence on me and has been a great influence on my family.

This is Martha Khlopin, my financial advisor and sister in the Lord who has been like an aunt to me. She has been an incredible positive force in my life ever since I have known her.

In December 2003, I was able to spend a week with Martha and the Khlopin family (they live in Hawaii -- very convenient during the Christmas season!). From L to R: (in back) Roger and Martha. (in front) Elliot and Leilani

This is my best friend from high school, Daniel Li. He graduated from NYU in 2000.

This is my chess teacher, Aviv Friedman, who started teaching me on December 22, 1985. Throughout all of the battles, ups and downs, he has always been there for me. He is a great teacher and an even better friend

This is my high school guidance counselor, Ms. Grace Rivera. She is very down-to-earth, and she has always been a kind, genuine, compassionate, caring friend to me. She has helped me through many down periods in my life.

A comparison of my weight from 1993 to 1997 (lost 65 pounds)

Here is a picture of Taharee Webb (Harvard College '00, Harvard Graduate School of Education '01), who is one of my closest and reliable friends. She is a very sweet, caring, energetic person who the Lord used to bring me into the relationship that I have with Him today.

These are the people that I worked with at Columbia University in the summer of 1998. They were nice to me, and I learned a lot.

Here are some pictures of our family during Kim's graduation from Stanford (pictures taken June 15, 2002)

This is from the 13th annual White Coat Ceremony of Howard University's School of Medicine on August 6, 2010 for the medical school class of 2014, of which my sister, Kimberly I. McClelland, M.P.H. is a member. The tradition at Howard is to have a physician cloak each of the medical students; of course, I was honored to cloak Kim:

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