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1993 National High School Chess Championships (Dallas, Texas)
(April 4)

This is me and my sister Kim holding
championship trophies. Kim won the reserve section,
while I was a suprise 2nd place finisher in the Open section. (This is still the largest trophy that I have ever won)

1993 National Junior High School Chess Championships (Rosemont, Illinois)
(April 18)

Here are the 7 co-champions. From L to R: Jacob Chudnovsky, James Wheat, Morgan Pehme, Nawrose Nur, Me, Greg Shahade, and Jonathan Goldfarb.

1994 National 11th Grade Chess Championships (Orlando, Florida)
(December 11)

Here I am holding the championship trophy.
I dedicated this tournament to the memory of Kevin Satin.

1995 National 12th Grade Chess Championship (Syracuse, New York)
(December 3)

Here I am holding the championship trophy,
becoming the first person ever to win the
National 11th and 12th Grade Chess Championships.

1997 United States Junior Open Chess Championship (Bloomington, Illinois)
(June 15)

This is me accepting the championship
trophy from tournament director Garrett Scott -- 40 years after former world champion
Bobby Fischer won this tournament!

1998 Interplay United States Junior Invitational Chess Championship (New York, New York)
(July 12)

Here I am playing top seeded International Master Igor Shliperman
in the second round. Igor won the game and then went on
to win the tournament -- the premier national
event for chess players under 20 years old. I finished 7th.

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